Embassy Legalization

We make the Embassy Legalization process easy for you.

Documents issued in United States and intended for use in foreign countries must be Authenticated or Legalized in order to be recognized as valid in the foreign country. Legalization confirms that a document was issued by someone with the proper authority and that the signatures it bears are genuine. Some documents need to be signed by several different authorities in order to be legal to use in a foreign country. The type of authentication or certificates you will need depend on the nature of the document and whether or not the foreign country is a party to the Hague Convention treaty on Legalization of documents.

If the country where the document will be used is not a party to the Hague Convention treaty, you will need Embassy Legalization. Embassy Legalization of official documents is a procedure where the Embassy Authenticates the signature of the State or US State Departments Authentication by providing a stamp or seal on the back of the State or US State Departments Authentication.

Documents for non Hague Convention Countries are subjected to State, Federal and Embassy level Authentication. The US State department will Authenticate the Signature of the State the document was issued in, the Department of State Authentications Office is responsible for signing and issuing certificates under the Seal of the U.S. Department of State, providing authentication services on documents that will be used overseas. After obtaining the Authentication of the US State department the document is presented to the Embassy for Legalization.

In some cases documents can be Legalized at the Consulate level in the State the document was issued in, after they have been Authenticated by the Sate, without the need to Legalize it with the Embassy in Washington DC.

We handle the Legalization of documents from start to finish:

  • • We Notarize your documents (If Notarization is required).
  • • We obtain State and/or US State Department Certification for documents intended for us in non Hague Convention countries.
  • • We Legalize or Authenticate the Certified documents at the Embassy of the country the document is intended for.

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