Employment Screening

What we offer:

  • • A variety of timely, high quality reports at competitive prices.
  • • We provide more comprehensive information than any other screening company
  • • Our turnaround time is among the best in the industry
  • • Our customer service is above our competitors
  • • No minimum usage – no annual fee – no contract

Best of all you may select reports individually or as part of a discounted package.  Or you may customize your own combination of reports.  We’ll work with you to set up the most cost-effective program for your specific needs.

All our reports begin with a Report Summary.  The summary lists each report component with the corresponding turn-around time, status and alert notification.  It’s a great way to see – at a glance – which items on the report need particular attention and whether there are any areas of concern regarding your applicant.

Furthermore, each individual report component has a “discrepancies” field where we keep track of differences between what the applicant claims on his/her resume or employment application and what we uncover in our investigation.  All discrepancies are bolded so they stand out on the page.

Each report component also has a comments field where we add supplemental information, share observations or make recommendations.

For a detailed description contact one of our experienced Accounts executive to assist you in you in choosing the right package for you your need.

Report Packages:

  • • Security Package
  • • Universal Package
  • • Professional Package
  • • Custom Packages


Most Frequently Ordered Reports:

  • • Criminal History Search
  • • Criminal History Notification
  • • OFAC Global Terrorist Search
  • • Auxiliary National Criminal Index
  • • Expanded Criminal Search
  • • Credit Report
  • • Education Verification
  • • Employment Verification
  • • Motor Vehicle Report
  • • Social Security Number Trace


Other Available Reports and Services:

  • • Drug Testing
  • • Business Credit Report
  • • Civil Litigation Report
  • • Federal Records Search
  • • Government/Professional Association Sanctions
  • • International Searches
  • • Media Search
  • • Professional License Verification
  • • Skills /Behavior Assessments
  • • Workers Compensation History