FBI Background check Apostille
Fingerprinting & Apostille for
FBI Background check


For background checks issued by the FBI that are intended to be used outside of the US, Apostille or Authentication is required. Unlike other services, we monitor the whole process from Fingerprinting, electronic submission to the FBI Channeler, Apostille/Authentication with the US State Department, Embassy Legalization and Translation if Requiered.

Services we provide:

  • – We Get your Fingerprints
  • – We submit it electronically to FBI Channeler for fast processing.
  • – Apostille with the US State Department.
  • – If required we will Legalize the document with Embassy/Consulate of the intended country.
  • – If required we can provide a Certified translation of the Apostilled FBI Background check.
  • – We can also mail back the Document anywhere in the world.

To get the FBI Background Check started, all that is required for you is to show up to our office with an ID and we will do the rest. If you can’t come into the office then thats not a problem. If you live within the Los Angeles County, we can drive to your home or office and get your fingerprints or you can get your prints anywhere and send us the FD258 Cards to submit to FBI Cahnnelers.

Why do I need an FBI Background check Apostilled?

There are plenty of reasons on why you may need an FBI Background check Apostilled, some of the most common reasons are:

  • – Immigration or Residency in another country.
  • – Teaching abroad.
  • – Work Visa.
  • – Study abroad.

Please consult with one of our experienced representatives by calling 877-300-0209 so they can assist you with the document requirements and provide you with a customized quote. Or you can also fill out the Quote Request on line form.


Follow these steps in order to get a FBI Background check and an Apostille that are to be used outside of the United States.


Step 1:

We will take you fingerprints and electronically submit the prints to FBI Channeler. Once processed the results will be mailed back to you, it usually takes one business day to process plus mailing time.


Step 2:

Once you receive the FBI Results, you can drop it off at our office or mail it to us together with the a copy of the “Order Form” that you fill out online and payment.


Step 3:

Once we receive the FBI Background Check we will process it with the US State Department and if needed, legalize it with the appropriate Embassy and Consulate then send it back to you. Authentication with the US State Department takes 6 business days. Once completed we can mail it back to you or you can pick up from our office.


*The complete process for the FBI Background check with Apostille may take anywhere from 8 to 14 business days.